Residential Solution

  • Grid connected PV System
  • Hybrid Grid connected PV systems
  • Off grid PV systems

Grid connected PV System

A grid-connected system allows you to power your home or small business deriving the solar energy from the sun and is connected to your electricity grid Any excess electricity you produce is fed back into the grid. When solar energy or sunshine is insufficient, electricity from the grid supplies your needs, eliminating the expense of power storage devices like batteries.

Off grid PV systems

Off-grid connected solar is a solar power system with battery backup.

Solar energy is utilized from the sun and the power is stored in the batteries.

During the evening or on rainy days when the sun isn’t shining you use the power stored in the batteries.

In case, the solar power system fails to provide sufficient power, power is derived from the electricity grid.

Hybrid Grid connected systems

A hybrid solar system combines the convenience of both Grid connected and Off grid system including the ability to earn Feed-In Tariff credits — with the extra peace of mind of a battery backup. This means that even during power cuts, you still have electricity.

Combining energy storage with a grid connection to your property, hybrid systems can provide the flexibility of being able to store the energy you generate during the day instead of feeding completely back to the grid. This stored energy can then be used in the evening instead of buying power back from ESCOMS