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Rudragana technologies is a new brand started in Bangalore, with a group of young & talented engineers with a passion towards Electrical technology. We are entering into the field of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) with a strong knowledge on current technology & market. Knowing the fact that the companies which depend solely on service providing fails to sail long journey, so we are concentrating simultaneously on new technology and R&D of innovative ideas.

Why Renewable energy?

The combustion of hydrocarbons based fuels in power plants, industry, transportations & other purpose generate a by-product materials, many of which are considered to be Environmental pollutants. The principle emission which impact on the environment are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, Sulphur oxide (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx)...Etc.

So that the Human activities would interfere with the way the sun interacts with the earth, resulting in global warming and climate changes.

Renewable energy is energy obtained from sources that are essentially inexhaustible such as sun, wind & water. The energy found in sunlight, wind & falling water into a form, we can use such as heat or electricity. Important feature of renewable energy is that it can be used without release of harmful pollutants & these are inexhaustible in nature.




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